tequilarapido rebrands as Dusens Group

The Group's new name comes with new ambitions for the independent communications consultancy group, present in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Dusens Group
Dusens Group Chairman, Toufik Lerari.

To mark its thirty-fifth anniversary, tequilarapido is changing its name to Dusens Group.

The rebrand brings together the network communications agency’s five entities and 240 employees in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East under one unified brand.

The consolidation aims to embody 35 years of experience and new ambitions. The unification was an effort by Dusens Group to make the creation of commitment the driving force behind their growth.

The five previously existing entities were tequilarapido, Allegorie, Fifty 4 Media, Tada Research, and Dusens Advisory.

“Our new name highlights three convictions that underpin our vision and differentiation in the communications consulting business,” said Toufik Lerari, Chairman of Dusens Group.


He explained that the three pillars of operations behind the rebrand were, “To make the commitment of our customers’ stakeholders a priority growth driver, to maintain our entrepreneurial vivacity to remain agile and pioneering in supporting our customers’ strategic challenges, and finally to reinforce our sense of openness through our partnerships with the academic, scientific, and associative worlds to continually enrich our know-how and innovation.”

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Founded in 1989, the Dusens Group considers itself a pioneer in digital communications consulting. The agency has a strong foothold in Europe, supporting prestigious companies and brands in their development and strategic transformation projects.

Dusen Group’s Managing Director, Mimi Ferhat.

In 2023, the Group opened its Dusens Advisory in Abu Dhabi in an effort to reinforce the group’s positioning and model as a bridge between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This step was made with the intention of highlighting the group’s commitment to nurturing growth at the crossroads of these three continents.

“The Middle East is undergoing a rapid transformation, with Europe and North Africa maintaining strong cultural and economic ties,” said Mimi Ferhat, Managing Director at Dusens Group.

“Between the three continents, we find a strategic space from which new growth models are already emerging in many sectors: environment, defense, transport, energy, technology, culture, and finance. France has a privileged role to play here, and communication plays an essential part, to which we actively contribute,” Ferhat said.