Nomads wins strategic and creative duties for Pepsico & Expo 2020 partnership.

PepsiCo has officially appointed Nomads as the lead strategic and creative agency for PepsiCo’s Expo 2020 Dubai partnership. This follows the conclusion of a comprehensive pitch involving a number of top-tier network agencies. Nomads was awarded the contract to deliver on the PepsiCo partnership with Expo 2020 and will also be working across their portfolio of brands.

As a Premier Partner to Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo is focused on delivering memorable and engaging experiences to Expo 2020’s visitors, as well as delivering on a sustainability agenda that is closely aligned to the values of Expo 2020 itself. The partnership between PepsiCo and Expo 2020 will be leveraged across an extensive range of communications, activations and new product launches.

“I am delighted to confirm Nomads as our agency partner for PepsiCo’s Expo 2020 Dubai partnership project” concluded PepsiCo’s Expo 2020 Dubai Premier Partnership GM, Naoufel Jellal. “We were impressed by the approach, creativity, and thoughtfulness that Nomads brought to the process and know it will take our creative output to the next level.”

Hans Howarth, founder and CEO of Nomads said “From day one it’s been clear to us, through every interaction, that PepsiCo is a values-driven company that cares deeply about its mission and ethos. In this respect, PepsiCo and Nomads are natural partners. We are a company that lives its values which are centered on people, creativity, and a strong borderless approach that drives innovation in a rapidly changing world. And we’re very proud to be partnering with PepsiCo on this incredibly exciting assignment.