New Trendlines Report on F&B in the GCC by Insignia Intelligence Unit

After the industry wide recognition for the Insignia Middle East Travel Trendlines Report in 2016, the agency announced The Trendlines Report – F&B industry in GCC by Insignia Intelligence Unit. This will officially be launched at the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) in March 2018.

“We have been operating in this region for the past 15 years and recognized the need for unbiased and actionable insights that provide brands the essential intelligence they require to continually innovate and stay ahead of the competition” said Gaurav Sinha, the Founder & CEO of Insignia.

In a culturally complex region that is set for continued growth, The Trendlines Report on F&B offers critical insights into the future food and beverage market, interviews with the industry’s leading operators, industry specific, insightful financials data and case studies that highlight prominent global F&B trends.

“The report provides profound market context, competitor insight and future F&B trends analysis to help you make clear, confident decisions. Our intelligence unit addresses commercial questions with data and profound insights and offers expert analysis on the multi-billion-dollar food & beverage and hospitality industry” added Sinha.

The Trendlines Report – F&B industry in GCC by Insignia Intelligence Unit is now available on www.insigniaintelligence.com to purchase for USD 550.