Loewe wins inaugural Luxury and Lifestyle Lions Grand Prix

The newly-launched award celebrates creative communications for luxury goods and experiences

Spanish fashion house Loewe has been awarded the first ever Luxury and Lifestyle Lions Grand Prix.

The award-winning work was for a short produced by American stop-motion animator Andrea Animates, promoting a collaboration with Japanese ceramic studio Suna Fujita.

A new category for this year, the Luxury and Lifestyle Lions celebrate work and communications for luxury goods and experiences that bring “an aspirational lifestyle to life”.

There were 188 entries and seven Lions were awarded by the Jury.

Jury president Charles Georges-Picot, taking a break from his day job as chief executive global luxury practice at Publicis Groupe, praised Loewe for its respect for other cultures and ability “to blend traditional craftsmanship with more contemporary design” and push “the limits of sustainability a lot”.

The brand, Georges-Picot added, was “ticking all the boxes in a very intelligent, smart, and innovative way”.

Georges-Picot admitted that choosing the winners had been quite the challenge.

“It’s tough when you’re the first one, because you’ve got to set the benchmark,” he told journalists. “The first year is really about setting the benchmark and pushing other big global brands to want to join the battle.”

The luxury space increasingly has its eye on Gen Z consumers, hoping that brand awareness, relevance and pop culture referencing will soon translate into actual purchases once spending power begins to significantly pick up.

“Luxury creative is quite different to what we see for mainstream brands,” Georges-Picot added. “There are not that many brands that touch so many people around the world.”