Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2022 – Carine El Natour, Comms Executive, Active DMC

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2022 – Carine El Natour, Comms Executive, Active DMC

Age: 23

Rebeca Pop, Account Director, Active DMC: Carine is a valuable team member and a gifted marketer not only within traditional PR but also digital and overall creative media. Think of her as the communications executive that never fails to deliver no matter how much you throw at them… I imagine her to be Director level by the age of 29. Outspoken and able to create, manage and interact with clients, Carine is a strong pillar for any company and institution (not to mention, she is super funny).

Career highlights

Coming from an events and hospitality background, I shifted into the PR world a year ago when I moved to Dubai. Within one year at Active DMC, I worked on tech giants such as Zoom, NETSCOUT, and Genetec alongside various other industries and conceptualized, pitched, and managed new projects and events from A to Z.

I have recently been shortlisted alongside my co-worker in the PRCA Young Lions MENA competition. My ability to combine creativity, efficiency and networking (despite judging people based on their music tastes) has set me up for a great beginning to my career.

Guiding principles

Radiate positivity – whether it is within your work, your writing, your media relations or your personal connections. Being able to recognize what brings you joy and passion is the key to knowing what to pour your energy into.

Side hustle

While I am no artist myself, I have a never-ending love and affinity towards the arts and entertainment field, specifically music. Having done my thesis on the positive effects of music festivals, I have participated in projects to help build up the regional music field.

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