Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Pulak Srivastav, Project Manager, Cheil MEA

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Pulak Srivastav, Project Manager, Cheil MEA

Age: 30

Nominated by Wang Junwen, Department Head, Cheil MEA

I have worked as Pulak’s senior for 4 years and have always found her to be dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual. Her willingness to take on difficult projects and see them to successful completion repeatedly impresses me and her clients.

Her skills do not end there, she is also a warm and cheerful person to have around the office. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle challenging situations with remarkable patience and tact. She is a people’s person and is always willing to help. These qualities represent all that she brings to the team and company.


I started my career in specialized retail design/production 9 years ago and have since expanded my repertoire to media events/campaigns, product launches and publicity stunts. The biggest achievements from my projects are;

–           Guinness world record for ‘Largest LED structure’ (Galaxy Note8 launch)

–           Being the 1st from the tech industry to project onto Burj Khalifa (Galaxy S9 launch)

–           Publicity stunt at the Olympic sized- Dubai Mall ice rink (Galaxy S10 launch)

–           Employee Of The Year Award (Cheil MEA 2017)

I am always looking for crazier ideas to maximize impact and give clients the best return on their investments.

Guiding principles

One of my main accounts is Samsung and their brand philosophy is “Do What You Can’t”. I am fueled by this thought not only in my professional but also in my personal life.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid has pushed the industry to move to an instantaneous digital age, so it has become imperative to integrate digital in all our proposals and campaigns. I have since educated myself and created AR roadshows, touchless product experiences and virtual media events to incorporate this much-needed shift in perspective.

Side hustle

Risk-taking is in my blood and adventure sports are my soul. I am always out there either doing something that challenges me or learning to do so. My aim is to break every fear I hold and make it a fun activity. I especially enjoy mountain climbing and diving.

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