Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Lavina Narwani, Junior Account Executive, Atteline

Campaign’s PR Faces to Watch 2021 — Lavina Narwani, Junior Account Executive, Atteline

Age: 22

Nominated by Sophie Simpson, Managing Director, Atteline

Lavina is a rising star! She has established excellent relationships between our company and the public, growing her clients profile and helping them and us achieve success. Lavina has also shown a huge aptitude for influencer engagement and is nearly solely responsible for research and development within this sector. Not to mention her successful implementation of our overall public relations campaigns, offerings and promotions, and media management. Furthermore, she has an excellent feel for gauging public opinion and projecting public reaction to certain campaigns – especially in a digital capacity.


Passionate and fiercely driven public relations professional. A transparent communicator and negotiator who quickly earns the trust of clients, colleagues and stakeholders, and maintains a staunch commitment to deliver quality results for the tasks assigned. A walking, talking problem-solving machine who has learnt to juggle multiple assignments simultaneously with confidence along with a solid background in team management and leadership.

Guiding principles

– Honesty: To err is to be human, I find it very important to own up to my mistakes and acknowledge them while figuring out a way to not make them again

– Punctuality: The deadlines we have are often not just ours but also for those who we work with and with that in mind, I always try to ensure that I am getting things done in time if not before so as to not delay my colleagues/clients

How has Covid changed your job?

While Covid did not change my job, it certainly had a massive impact on how I found my new job and began my professional journey. As a graduate in 2020 when the pandemic began, my college life came to a halt abruptly and I was left looking for a job in an extremely tough market with little to no idea as to how I can navigate through the situation and land on a job of my choice.

Side hustle

Photography is something I have been passionate about for years now. Something about capturing moments brings me a lot of joy. I was the head of the photography team during my college years and I continue to carry that passion with me to date. I mostly utilize my weekends to step out and click different moments or landscapes.

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