Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Raneem Rajeh, Senior Executive – Integrated Planning, Initiative Media

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Raneem Rajeh, Senior Executive – Integrated Planning, Initiative Media

Age: 23

Ali Berjawi, Business Director – Media, Initiative Media: Raneem’s energy has been evident from the very first day she joined the agency. Despite being onboarded while working from home, Raneem stood out from her peers because of her positive interaction and hunger to learn and advance as swiftly as possible. Her positive energy became contagious once she started working from the office, and it was obvious that she would quickly become a favourite team member of many of us at the agency. With the right mentoring, patience, and growth opportunities at Initiative, I am confident that Raneem will continue to be an over-achiever – loved and appreciated by her peers, clients and partners.

Career highlights

Being the only marketer in a family full of engineers is somehow challenging. I believe it’s my utmost purpose to transform our society’s perception of marketing, as it is one of the few majors that simultaneously collates intellect and creativity. While venturing into attaining my Master’s degree from the Lebanese University, I joined Initiative as a media planner. Although it has been less than a year and a half there, my learning curve rocketed through the roof. I was fortunate to work with an inspiring team across several industries and objectives. Currently, I’m a senior integrated planner looking forward to further supporting my purpose.

Guiding principles

Leadership unfolds into three formations money, power, and love. Leading with power or money might assist you in attaining short-term results, but this approach won’t be sustainable in the long run. Love is the only means to keep them thriving by your side to overcome the challenges and support your vision. Lead with a full heart and an empathetic eye. LEAD WITH LOVE.

Side hustle

They say that some people have buried their talents at the cost of making their living. However, if your career path has been encouraged by your passion, you will manage to unleash the giant within. During my internship at Weber Shandwick, my team dropped me an inspiring task. Instead of sharing a script for one of our social videos, I shared a voiceover. Since then, I began expressing my thoughts through my words and voice.

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