Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Mai Ashour, Associate Media Director, PHD

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Mai Ashour, Associate Media Director, PHD

Age: 29

Mariam Ezz, Business Unit Director, PHD: if I could describe Mai in one sentence it would be quite simple actually; she is when you mix humanity with ambition and intellect, you get what I would call the crème de la Crème of people. In the short time, she joined PHD, her dedication, the forward-thinking and people-first approach has won her the respect of our biggest client, her team, and everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her and me, cannot wait to see how her journey unfolds.

Career highlights

I joined the media industry 8 years ago with a curious mind and passionate spark which fuelled my ambition to discover and grow in this industry. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work across various categories including Telecom, banking, automotive and CPG. For the past couple of years, I have been lucky enough to work on Unilever in an effort to grow the business and produce award-winning work that is on par with global standards.

Guiding principles

A good work environment and healthy communication are key to having a strong product. Not being afraid to experiment and taking risks to build your learning agenda is always worth it. We get caught up in the day to day, so it is important that we remind ourselves of the bigger picture.

Side hustle

I love travelling when I can, trying new things and catching up on any good shows and I am always up for a good game of foosball.

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