Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Samer Khalil, Media Manager, Starcom

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Samer Khalil, Media Manager, Starcom

Age: 29

Nominated by Ralph Adaimy, Associate Business Director, Starcom

Samer’s talent, creativity, devotion, and relentless drive to achieve has allowed him to constantly bring in creative and effective business solutions. With his exhaustive experience in planning and literacy in digital tools, he keeps pushing the team to embrace and experiment with the rapid changes in the digital journey. He is always keen on leading and taking initiative, encouraging everyone to keep delivering with a great sense of accountability and a persistent growth mindset


I have a passion for media and advertising, and I believe it is what keeps me going. I  started my career in creative and being in close contact with the media agency sparked my interest in media and I was determined to learn more and transition to media. Fast forward four years and  I am lucky enough to be at Starcom and handling Samsung which is a diverse and rich account with a lot to learn from.

Guiding principles

I am always optimistic and see every day as an opportunity to achieve something great. Working in a fast-paced industry, time management and being a team player is crucial to get tasks done.

Curiosity and willingness to learn to keep me interested in what I do.

How has Covid changed your job?

Just like most of us, working from home became the norm at least for a certain period of time which had its own advantages and disadvantages. I also got the chance to improve my e-commerce skills as our clients shifted their focus to increase online conversions.

Side hustle

Not really a side hustle, but I love photography and hope to start something photography-related sometime.

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