Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 — Ramona Tuli, Media Manager, Dentsu X

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 — Ramona Tuli, Media Manager, Dentsu X

Age: 28

Nominated by Ziad El Zyr, Associate Director, Dentsu X

Finding the right balance is never easy. Luckily, Ramona demonstrates strong confidence with humility, has a unique sense of humour yet can be serious, and expresses extraordinary ambition while staying pragmatic.

With integrity at the centre of her value system, Ramona adopts a high standard of quality and strategic thinking resulting in meticulous media planning. Lastly, she adds an artistic element to her work, allowing for her creative nature to shine.


After cramming in six creative internships during my summer breaks at university, I realized the creative industry was the right place to feed my energy. I started my professional career in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi, then grew curious to explore more within the media industry at PHD Media, which led me to pursue my (current) career further in media planning at Dentsu. Having perspective on both; the advertising and the media side of things equip me with a unique advantage when it comes to time management and creative problem-solving.

Guiding principles

“If the challenge exists, so must the solution” – Rona Mlnarik. Adopting a solution-oriented approach always makes any problem more digestible.

How has Covid changed your job?

To be thrown into this new routine of WFH was foreign, though after I got accustomed, I realized COVID-19 helped me gain a new appreciation for the value of time. My time management and productivity improved drastically, allowing me to grow personally and develop my professional skills further.

Side hustle

I would love to open my own culinary concept someday. For me, food is not just about consumption – but about the entire process of discovery, therapy, togetherness, and nostalgia.

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