Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Rawan Hilal, Senior planning executive, Hearts & Science

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Rawan Hilal, Senior planning executive, Hearts & Science

Age: 25

Aisha Ali, senior director – planning, Hearts & Science: Rawan is an extremely confident and a switched-on person who has been a delight to work with and a fantastic addition to the team. Her agility to learn and adapt sets her apart as she can grasp multiple facets affecting our clients’ overall business, and her solutions-driven approach supports in orchestrating a data driven marketing strategy representing the essence of Hearts & Science.

Career highlights

My journey began in a branding agency in Lebanon, which opened my eyes to a world of multiple brands with various personas. My passion for understanding and curating brand stories was built, and I decided to curate my own story. I moved to Dubai to pursue a fully-fledged advertising career where I started managing creative, social and media accounts – this fed my curiosity with learnings on brands’ marketing journeys – from creation to media executions. In return, this has helped me launch my own leather bags brand, yet this has been put on hold until I have the right resources to proceed. With this in the pipeline as a futuristic dream, I have moved to Hearts & Science, an agency I’m proud to call home, to pursue a challenging performance-driven role that never fails to use my talent to its best

Guiding principles

Different managers with different styles and attitudes have helped me set the below as my guiding principles, through continuous observation, self-awareness & acceptance of constructive criticism.

  • Act as a leader to become one.
  • Manage people and set expectations.
  • Awareness is the key to solutions.
  • Organisation is the key to management.
  • Choose your battles.
  • Being talented is not enough; you also need to have the right attitude.
  • Self-improvement and learning are endless.
  • Challenges always leads to new learnings and growth – the harder it gets the more you grow.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Fear will always be there like your shadow – you need to become friends with it.

Dream job

To launch my own brand.


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