Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Melissa Coupar. Senior planning executive, PHD UAE

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Melissa Coupar. Senior planning executive, PHD UAE

Age: 28

Cirine Mazloum, planning director, PHD: Melissa joined when we onboarded a new and large-scale client and she quickly and smoothly took control of the operation to launch a global campaign in 53 markets. Using her analytical skills, she worked closely across functions to put together a reporting framework for a complex digital operation, and she played an instrumental role in putting an optimisation and benchmarking system in place to deliver a successful campaign. With a high level of persistence, dedication and passion, Melissa is a face to watch in 2020.

Career path:

I graduated from AAA School of Advertising at the top of my class in media. It was my ideal blend of creativity, strategy and mathematics. I started my career with OMD Cape Town in 2013. The next three years immersed me into the world of offline media across buying, planning and strategy roles. I moved to Dubai in 2016 and challenged myself to learn digital media. This allowed me to service integrated luxury accounts for OMD Dubai. In 2019, I transitioned to PHD and added media planning for a global tourism client to my list of skills and experience, along with an award for client satisfaction.

Guiding principles

Adaptability: The industry changes at a frantic pace and you need to be flexible to change with it.

Curiosity: I believe that a strong sense of curiosity will lead to you ask the right questions that open the possibility of new solutions.

Foresight: Understanding your client well enough to be able to predict what they’ll need and making plans to get it done – this is what makes you indispensable.


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