Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Mehak Iftikhar, Associate media manager, Initiative

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Mehak Iftikhar, Associate media manager, Initiative

Age: 29

Bijal Pathak, business director: Mehak is one of the most talented and determined people I’ve ever had the pleasure of managing. Her laser-like client focus, attention to detail and understanding of media and consumers have helped her achieve all the success she has to date and will no doubt deliver even more in the future. Mehak is also a wonderful mother to a beautiful son (who, like his mother, is a very popular member of Initiative’s family) and despite the challenges that brings she has never accepted delivering anything less than her very high standards. We’re proud to have Mehak at Initiative and look forward to her continued success.

Career highlights

I started my career at GroupM Pakistan on Unilever. Within a year I was promoted, winning Unilever Champion in 2014 for two of my campaigns.

2015 came bearing numerous gifts in the face of nominations and awards; I was nominated for the Best Business Planner and Best Team Integration award, and was awarded Performer of the Year by Unilever, for the first time in the history of Unilever Pakistan.

In 2018, I represented Initiative in the Young Lynx competition, winning Gold in the Media Category.

Guiding principles

Besides professionalism, which was instilled by our senior leaders, my father has had a huge influence on me, encouraging me to always think bigger, focus on growth and the good things in life whilst also learning the art of acceptance. Just yesterday he encouraged me to “always cooperate with the inevitable”, a very relevant piece of advice to cope with the current Covid situation.

Dream job

Besides the one I’m currently doing, would be that of a perfumer. Firstly, because I love perfumes, and it’s a lucrative job, but most importantly it suits my name, which means fragrance.

Side hustle

I really like interior designing and DIY makeovers. My friends are always reaching out to me for room makeovers and I deliver colour themes, accessories that will go with the theme and more for free (for now). It is safe to say that interiors and makeovers are a real passion for me.


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