Campaign’s Marketing Faces to Watch 2020 – Noor AlQassab, community manager, Arla Foods

Campaign’s Marketing Faces to Watch 2020 – Noor AlQassab, community manager, Arla Foods

Age: 29

Nominated by: Paul Kelly, partner, D/A (Digital Ape)

Noor is a Saudi who studied at AUS and spent time in the agency world before stepping across to the client-side to great success. During her time in the agency world she was instrumental in winning new work, providing her Saudi perspective in helping position new and existing clients and showing creativity.

At Arla Foods, Noor is a key part of the team handling social marketing and community development for flagship brands like Puck, Lurpak and Arla Organic, helping drive their considerable growth by developing social communities around the brands. These communities inform her insight and creativity, helping foster real and tangible outcomes for those brands. This is through both her approach to brand communications and input to content that engages audiences. Her approach has helped fuel significant growth for the brands, working within Arla’s broader in-house agency team, The Barn, and external agency partners.

I’ve known Noor since 2017 and seen her professional growth both as a manager and client. She has developed her creativity into something that can match insight into action, resulting in great growth of social presence of the brands she works with. This fosters a real sense of community for the followers of those iconic brands, which is very unique in the FMCG space. Being able to do this with multiple stakeholders and still manage the outcomes is something that usually takes far more experience, and it’s exciting to see her grow into these roles and, more importantly, have a real impact on the bottom line.

Praise from the boss: Rania Hatoum, regional digital lead, Arla Foods

Noora brings energy and creativity to her role, which helps bring the brand closer to its consumers. Through working with the team at our internal agency, The Barn, to our external agency partners, we are able to create successful strategies to make sure we continue to grow our products and brands in the eyes of consumers – giving them new reasons to enjoy cooking and providing nutritious choices for their families. Noora’s energy, insights and creativity are very much central to our team.


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