Campaign’s Faces to Watch: Brand Edition 2022 – Ali Badawi, category manager, Dettol North Africa, Reckitt Benckiser

Campaign’s Faces to Watch: Brand Edition 2022 – Ali Badawi, category manager, Dettol North Africa, Reckitt Benckiser

Age: 27

Lara Erian, media director at UM: I have been working in media for the past 10 years. I’ve met and dealt with many clients. Ali brings excitement and optimism to the Reckitt Benckiser team and his positive impact is felt by all of us. He has the ability to effectively share knowledge and insights with us and his colleagues. Ali has demonstrated strong brand ownership and a clear vision. His dedication and eye for detail are what sets him apart.


As a passionate marketer with a knack for consumer goods, I started my career at Unilever where I was responsible for the Lipton non-black range. We managed to localize the business and land a multitude of exciting flavour-based new product development and developed the “cup for every mood” platform. I then moved on to the snacking world through Mondelez, managing Chocolate local jewels followed by the crown jewel Cadbury Dairy Milk. Throughout my journey there we managed to turn around Moro, revamping its equity with an award-winning campaign and pioneering personalization at scale on digital. Not to mention landing delicious innovations like Moro coffee which continued fueling its growth. At Cadbury, we filled the gifting segment gap by launching our very own local proposition “Minis Selection” and spearheaded the brand’s transition from its “Joy” equity back to its “Goodness” heritage space. Most recently, I shifted towards the personal/home care world through Reckitt where I’m responsible for yet another crown jewel, Dettol.

Guiding principles

I try to keep myself motivated by striving for excellence, the moment where I feel too comfortable quickly turns scary. I believe that this hunger accompanied by dedication & hard work is integral to building something you can be proud of. I also believe however that every now and then we should stop to enjoy the ride, for it’s too uncommon that you find yourself working for something you’re passionate about.

Side hustle

I cofounded Egypt’s first fully integrated cleaning service provider; Elegance Care. Transformed it from a lone dry cleaner into an organization offering well-equipped high-quality cleaning solutions, both residential and commercial.  I also dabble (quite unsuccessfully so far) in stock market trading.

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