Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Maria Ziya, Junior Content Creator, By Niggi Marketing Management

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Maria ZiyaJunior Content CreatorBy Niggi Marketing Management

Age: 23

Nominated by Nikita PhulwaniManaging Director, By Niggi Marketing Management:
Maria is a dynamic addition to our team, excelling in short-form content creation both for By Niggi and our clients. Despite being relatively new to the team, her fresh and authentic ideas shine, particularly in TikTok strategies.

In December, I set a target of 1000 followers for our agency’s TikTok account. With her honest and humorous approach, which is very native to the platform, we got over half a million views on one of our videos, and she managed to secure 3500 followers within the month. Maria fearlessly shares her insights, embodying her refreshing and bold outlook.

Career highlights

In Dubai’s vibrant marketing scene, Maria is known for her creativity, passion, and speedy content creation including ideating, shooting and editing. Her background in photography has led her to collaborate with top brands like Sephora, Centrepoint, and many others through By Niggi, where Maria has honed her skills and gained valuable market insights. With over six years of experience, Maria strategically uses her storytelling and visual communication skills to make some of the most eye-grabbing snackable short-form content.

Guiding principles

I’ve found solace in visualizing my highest self. I ask myself: what would my higher self do? And the answer is in my gut instantly. By aligning with this voice, I strive to make humble decisions that reflect my goals. This practice keeps me grounded, motivated, and ever-grateful.

Side hustle

After the regular hours grind, I create content for myself and dive into other projects that fuel my creativity. I invest my time in photography and creating visual content for those in my circle. These endeavours are my way of making the best of my potential.

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