Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Reem Salam, Social Media Manager, Chain Reaction

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Reem Salam, Social Media Manager, Chain Reaction

Age: 28

Haneen Al Hassan, Deputy General Manager, Chain Reaction: Since joining Chain Reaction, Reem has been making big moves for herself, her clients and her team. In a very short time, she was able to work on many successful campaigns that were driven by passion and executed carefully achieving great results. It is one thing to be a good manager, but Reem, she takes it to the next level, she is very reliable, proactive and self-driven. She’s the kind of person who jumps in to help and add value whenever she sees a need – you don’t have to ask her, you don’t need to tell her, sees opportunities and she grabs them and makes the best out of them.

What makes her stand out more, is not only how strong of a professional she is but rather supportive she is to everyone around her. She believes in collaboration and is always adding value to the team. I am truly fortunate to be working with her and we are very happy to have her in our family!

Career highlights

After graduating from the American University of Beirut with a business degree, I found myself wanting to pursue a career in marketing and travelled to London for my master’s. It is there that I became interested in working in social media, and started a career not long after. Over the years, I strived to put my best work forward and gained invaluable experience along the way, and now as the Social Media Manager at Chain Reaction, I’m not only given the opportunity to take my work to the next level but to pass on my experience to others.

Guiding principles

Look at the glass half-full. It’s always difficult to look at the bright side of things, particularly in advertising. When it gets tough, I find that focusing on the positive re-centres my mind and allows me to stay humble, inspired and working towards achieving positive outcomes.

Side hustle

My love of reading has inspired my love for writing. Today, I write poetry as a way to escape the world, to let go of the daily stressors after a long day. While I’m writing, I allow my mind to wander, and find myself in the best creative space.

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