Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Nada Jahed, Social Media Executive, Netizency

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Nada Jahed, Social Media Executive, Netizency

Age: 23

Tamara Habib, Chief Operating Officer, Netizency: Nada came to Netizency as a young grad, with a couple of internships and a lot of determination under her belt. Under her quiet demeanour there lies a creative, strategic, and passionate individual who has shown that she can handle anything….including 120+ days of daily, on-ground coverage at Expo 2020 Dubai, and all the challenges that it entails. When Nada’s given a responsibility, you know that it will be handled impeccably, with a lot of thought going into every task that she gets her hands on. Now that Expo 2020 Dubai is over, I have no doubt that Nada will excel in the next challenge we throw her way. Keep on shining Nada!

Career highlights

Upon graduating as a Multimedia Designer from AUS, I completed several internships in large companies such as OSN and Chalhoub Group. From there, my interest in digital marketing and social media grew, which led me to obtain various industry-led certifications from Google. Back in August 2021, I joined Netizency as a social media executive, where my main responsibility was the Expo 2020 Dubai School Programme account. Apart from my day-to-day account management responsibilities, my 120+ days of daily on-ground live coverage at Expo 2020 were both challenging and rewarding.

Guiding principles

I aim to give my all in anything I do in life. This stems from my sense of fairness towards others in general, and myself in specific. I am also driven by self-improvement as I owe it to myself to continue growing personally and professionally.

Side hustle

The camera is my companion. I have directed and produced a short documentary “Luminary” which was presented in local film festivals such as Sikka Art and Design Festival, RAKFAF and WOW Film Fair. I also have a strong passion for street photography as I enjoy the storytelling aspect it carries.

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