Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Jay Vincent Mortel, Graphic Designer, Bruce Clay

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Jay Vincent Mortel, Graphic Designer, Bruce Clay

Age: 29

Tom Bawler-Williams, Creative Director, Bruce Clay: I wish there were more creatives like Jay! A designer who has a great work ethic, an ever-expanding technical ability, but someone who leaves the ego at the door. Despite his apparent talent and ambition, Jay is humble and hungry for opportunities to learn and further develop his craft. He’s always looking at the bigger picture and quickly develops ideas that connect with a brand’s audience and exceed the expectations set out by the brief. Got a social or digital campaign you need to knock out of the park? Give it to Jay, and he’ll smash it!

Career highlights

I’ve always been interested in advertising and the way brands engage their audiences, playing upon cultural insights and unspoken truths.

This led me to take up BFA Advertising Arts Graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, where I honed my practical skills and lay the foundations from which I have continued to build my creativity.

Agency life has given me great opportunities to deep dive into the world of graphic design and furthered my knowledge of content creation, enabling me to drive the visual direction for several global social accounts, most notably McDonald’s KSA.

Guiding principles

I am driven by my ability to adapt and learn, whilst welcoming criticism as an opportunity to improve and push the boundaries of my work and knowledge.

Side hustle

I’m currently exploring more 3D, with a personal project based around modeling different food, alongside developing my understanding of typography. Check out my work at behance.net/jaymortel.

I’m also supporting a startup agency in the Philippines with motion graphics, and animations, as an outlet to further my technical knowledge and creativity.

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