Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Bea Gotico, Account Executive, Chain Reaction

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2022 – Bea Gotico, Account Executive, Chain Reaction

Age: 25

Haneen Al Hassan, Deputy General Manager, Chain Reaction: Bea is truly an inspiring young woman! Since joining Chain Reaction, her hard work, motivation and dedication stood out. During her time with us, she had been able to build her way up from working on small brands to managing the accounts of some of the most important entertainment destinations in Dubai.


She is very well organized, attentive to details, sharp and she always supports her clients in achieving their results and more. Bea always brings a fresh perspective to every project she handles and likes to approach her work with Fun, which makes her able to work on campaigns that are not only effective but also so relatable. We love her and are so excited to what is next for her!

Career highlights

I am Bea, an Account Executive in Chain Reaction and I’ve been working in Dubai for 5 years now. For someone working in another country at such a young age, I aspire to be a greater version of myself with each year that goes by. At the start of my career, I was working with small brands under the supervision of my manager, making sure that every task was perfect. I turned every mistake into a lesson and challenge to grow from and make myself better.  In just a span of a year, I now work with some of the biggest famous attractions in Dubai under Emaar Entertainment, and that’s something I am very proud of. From being a tourist to these attractions, to working behind the scenes.

Guiding principles

Excellence in all aspects. Mediocrity is never a solution.

Side hustle

In my free time, I go to the gym and lift. Even if I look so young and petite, I can say that my size does not equate to being weak, and that women are strong in their own ways.

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