Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 — Krittika Sinha Choudhury, Junior Strategist, SilverPush

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 — Krittika Sinha Choudhury, Junior Strategist, SilverPush

Age: 27

Nominated by Asif Challawala, Director, Silverpush Middle East, SilverPush

When I first met Krittika Sinha who was an engineering graduate, she surprised us with her interest in digital marketing.  However, her passion for digital marketing and strategy building helped her propel and fit her role amazingly well. In a very short span of time, she could accomplish herself in creating strategies for brands using our ad tech-powered with Artificial Intelligence. She has been instrumental in creating strategies that have won awards this year in MMA Smarties. She is eager to learn more and take on more tasks.


I am currently working as a Junior Strategist in SilverPush, MENA. I am a part of the team that strategized the RAK Bank campaign that won 3 awards at the MMA Smarties MENA 2020. I chose a technical field such as Electronics and Communication Engineering for my Bachelors because I’ve always had a keen interest in technology, especially Artificial Intelligence. I later completed my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I am also a creative person and love finding creative solutions to challenges. My passion for innovation and advertising made me join Silverpush, which specializes in AI-powered real-time and contextual targeting.

Guiding principles

My main guiding principles are:

Change is constant. So, I believe in adapting to the changing work environment and constantly upgrading my skills.

Keeping an eye on the latest audience trends and adapting strategies to these trends.

Consistently meeting deadlines, even putting in extra time and effort if required.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid happened at the initial stage of my career. This disrupted my way of looking at work. Working remotely meant finding ways to create an ecosystem where I can work smarter, harder, and more creatively. As market requirements evolved, I had to shift my mindset to adapt to these changes.

Side hustle

Being a creative person, I often engage in design and DIY activities, especially interior designing. I use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in my previous company to create virtual designs.

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