Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Karan Sawlani, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, PivotRoots

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Karan Sawlani, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, PivotRoots

Age: 27

Nominated by Yogesh Khanchandani, Co-Founder & Chief Business Strategy Officer, PivotRoots

Forward-thinker, receptive, Infallible, and stickler for error-free performance! These are the qualities that come to my mind when I think of Karan

I have observed Karan for over 3 years now and he is not at ease with one specialization in his hand. I have seen him evolved dramatically from knowing just one aspect of Digital to understanding the whole gamut. The motivation he carries with him every day to drive his team is commendable.

From leading new business proposals, managing complex and large accounts or mentoring and managing teams on the latest trends in digital, Karan has proven he is a rising star of our industry.

He has a hunger to learn more. His business acumen, negotiation ability, work ethics are second to none. Additionally, well-liked and well respected by everyone in the company.


After completing my degree in Mass Communication in India in 2014, I started my own firm Conscious Cinematic Arts where we focussed on Visual storytelling. 4 years later, I came back to Dubai and joined Pivotroots in 2018 as a Digital executive. My journey in the digital industry has been amazing and I have been constantly learning more about the field ever since!

In 2018, during my first year at PivotRoots, I was acknowledged for my efforts as a ‘Rising Star of the Year’. This encouraged me to dive deeper into this industry.

My current focus stands on creating 360-degree digital strategies for enhancing clients’ online footprint. I have been fortunate to work with clients from multiple industries including FinTech, E-commerce, Skin Care, FoodTech, and others which have helped me build a solid foundation in understanding different business sectors and garner a holistic insight into the Middle East markets.

Starting my career in audio/video production and moving to all things digital marketing; I have contributed to brands in building their presence and engagement with their audience keeping data as the core strategy.

During the last 5+ years, I have helped brands in building their presence and engagement with their audience. Starting my career in audio/video production and now I focus on all things digital marketing keeping data as the core to build strategies.

Guiding principles

Being born & raised in Dubai, and seeing this country adapt to digitization is the key motivator for me to push personal & professional boundaries. Digitization is an always-on process and is applicable to every entity & individual and this drives me to learn & evolve my ideas to match up to the pace at which digital is growing.

How has Covid changed your job?

I think as people, we have this innate quality of adapting. Covid just instils that the digital industry is yet to achieve its peak and the dynamicity is what raves in me. Covid has brought life to Digital Transformation. Digital Marketing in its true essence is that of progress and is at the forefront of innovation. Client discussions now are more future led, innovation-driven, and how the internet has become the go-to discovery tool for all businesses, big & small.

Side hustle

Side hustles are important to keep my interests & learning intact. I am currently exploring the mysterious world of crypto/digital currencies which is a world yet to be lived in. The curiosity of this industry makes me want to explore this new hype, it keeps me well informed on new technologies and try to decode where humankind is heading towards.

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