Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Jessica Moini, Sales Director, META, InMobi

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Jessica Moini, Sales Director, META, InMobi

Age: 27

Nominated by Andy Powell, Vice President & MD, EMEA at InMobi, InMobi

It has been incredible to see Jessica grow throughout the 8 years of knowing her. She is an enthusiastic, hardworking & passionate individual but what really sets her aside is her kindness and empathy. She is one of the most liked & respected people in the MENA Media Landscape and it’s been an honour to watch her grow into a senior leader. Jessica has an exciting journey in front of her as she continues her leadership journey and grows her team and region, I have no doubt further success lays ahead.


Approaching a decade in Media, I was promoted to Head of Sales for one of the most renowned tech companies worldwide, InMobi at the age of 25. Not only do I have a strong track record exceeding company goals but my client-first philosophy and ability to create and execute complex marketing strategies has allowed me to support 12 brands and 7 agencies win over 28 awards recognized by third parties such as MMA SMARTIES and IAB. This, amongst other things, has resulted in 4 promotions within 6 years to the Sales Director and Leader I am today.

Guiding principles

Saying ‘no’ and setting realistic expectations is fundamental in building client satisfaction, retention and overall business growth. Be the person that over-delivers, not overpromises.

Take a break. Whether that be the occasional extended lunch or full-fledged vacation! There is nothing more unproductive than burning out.

How has Covid changed your job?

Learning to maintain and continue to build genuine connections in a virtual world has been a fantastic learning experience. I have personally built more trust with my team and clients as our understanding of productivity and the way we measure impact has evolved to the point of no return.

Side hustle

What started as a volunteer project in Kenya during my annual leave 8 years ago developed into a family. I established an orphanage called ‘I’m Home’ where we currently house 10 permanent children and more as and when temporary housing and support is needed. Our vision is to become sustainable through revenue farming projects within the next few years.

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