Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Begum Irkdas, Digital Marketing Consultant, Accenture Interactive

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Begum Irkdas, Digital Marketing Consultant, Accenture Interactive

Age: 28

Nominated by TJ Lightwala, Managing Director, Lead for Experience Services -MENA, Accenture Interactive

Begum has a “roll up your sleeves and get the work done” personality. She goes the extra mile always in researching projects to deliver more impact and value. Her skills have been best highlighted on projects of digital marketing, analytics, use-case analysis of financial services marketing, evaluation, and recommendation of data integration opportunities across industries. An avid and keen learner, always on point during presentations with accurate details. I would highly recommend and support Begum on her growth path at Accenture Interactive and for her L&D ambitions.


I’m managing end-to-end digital and data-driven marketing services for international clients across different industries at Accenture Interactive. My biggest passion is working on interdisciplinary projects that are driving human-centric marketing transformation experience. It is exciting to work on applied aspects of marketing data and technology as an extension to my technical understanding that I obtained through my master’s in Big Data and Business Analytics and digital consumer research projects I worked on across various labs in UK and Turkey. Currently focusing on expanding my knowledge in marketing science, data platforms, e-commerce, experience optimization and mass performance experimentation solutions.

Guiding principles

Treat people with dignity and mutual respect, in my personal and professional life, value the collaboration and life-long learning in such fast-paced times and always striving to build on principles of self-acceptance, integrity, and value/impact in every opportunity.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid played a significant role in transforming our work culture. At Accenture, we have a strong digital infrastructure, therefore working remotely through the pandemic was seamless. One must not forget to recharge, reenergize and keep up in their well being as well, during these times.

Side hustle

Working in a highly practical environment and industry, as a side hustle, I am trying to go the extra mile on psychological and behavioural research aspects of human behaviour in digital and social environments deep-diving into social networks, pattern recognition, and language processing to inspire my learning & build the baseline for the future of my role.

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