Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Raymond Seropian, Copywriter, Mirum

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Raymond Seropian, Copywriter, Mirum

Age: 27

Nicolas Geahchan, Mirum: Raymond is an ambitious copywriter who dared to make a move to a fully digital agency in tumultuous times for the advertising industry in the world and the region. Since then he has managed to adapt and perform well within the digital ecosystem, expanding his writing skills to new areas in which he has excelled in record time. Raymond became a valuable asset to Mirum and its clients. He’s driven by excellence and is constantly trying to up his game by learning new skills and improving his creative capabilities. He’s an out-of-the-box creative, courageous enough to constantly challenge what he knows and a very pleasant colleague to work with. He is the kind of young talent we need more of in our ever-changing environments.

Career path

Long story short: Nothing went according to plan.

I chose advertising as a career path after turning down a med-school acceptance. I self-proclaimed myself a copywriter after earning an art director’s master’s. Finally, I leapt into the digital world after almost four years of campaign-building at JWT Beirut.

Even today, at Mirum, the only constant variable seems to be my passion for creativity.

Guiding principles

You are no “victim” of no “system.” You can achieve whatever you want; only you should choose to do so.

Dream job

Whatever calls for even more creativity.

Side hustle

I love to travel. Don’t we all?

But my real passion is in planning my trips, sometimes a year before departure day.

I have a dozen custom maps and detailed itineraries with curated selections saved somewhere. All it took was boarding my first plane.


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