Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Nija Arora, Marketing campaigns lead, Accenture Middle East

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Nija Arora, Marketing campaigns lead, Accenture Middle East

Age: 28

Ebru Tuygun, regional marketing and communications director, Accenture Middle East: Nija has been a part of the Accenture family for only a short while but she’s brought freshness in all her campaigns to date. Nija is curious and can’t rest till she finds an answer. Her projects bring to life Accenture’s innovation agenda. Recently, she project-managed a launch campaign for Accenture’s Dubai Tourism Innovation Hub – developing multiple assets and activating across channels. She developed creatives and content for Dubai Lynx, and is currently working on a regional launch plan for Accenture Ventures.

Career highlights

Running integrated campaigns for professional services firms in a time of profound digital transformation has put me at the centre of what’s driving real change in the world around us. At EY as MENA Marketing Assistant Manager and currently as Accenture’s Middle East Campaigns Lead, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brilliant minds to bring to life dynamic and creative campaigns.

As a child, I imagined stories and put up skits for my family. As an adult, I’m still keeping the storytelling streak alive, shaping content for each of my projects – and I’m loving every part of it.

Guiding principles

Parents: Whatever you do, do it with integrity.

Ebru: Believe in your tribe and stay true to the big picture.

Previous manager: Laughter = Stressbuster

Dream job

In an alternate universe, I’d work on the research topics for Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act/John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Nerdy topics, lots of laughs – what’s not to like?

Side hustle

I haven’t kicked this off yet, but I aim to work on a social entrepreneurship project for animal welfare and rescue aid. Educating people on this is a very real and urgent need. I’m actively searching for inspiration on how I can bring this to life in the near future.


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