Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Nabeelah Bijapur, Data scientist, GroupM

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Nabeelah Bijapur, Data scientist, GroupM

Age: 30

Daniel Vaczi, head of data & technology, GroupM: Since the time Nabeelah has joined the team, the focus has not just been on analytics and reporting but also introducing processes that changes the way teams work together and communicate. To deliver and automate at scale for one of our clients, the processes and tools she introduced ensured not only data integrity but also collaboration between teams that were previously working in silos. Bridging the disparity in data sources and individuals has gone a long way in contributing to overall success and efficiencies.

Career highlights


My job title evokes a lot of curiosity and confusion. The curiosity is what led me to take this up as a career when I started nine years ago. My past work experience has been with Big Data and Analytics consulting firms with clients from e-commerce and FMCG domains. It was here I truly understood the impact of my role when one of the projects I was leading went on to deliver huge bottom-line improvements for the client. GroupM is my first stint in media. My job is not just about developing models or reporting but also ensuring data quality and integrity

Guiding principles

At work my guiding principles have always been to be responsible for the work I do and deliver to the best of my abilities. In a central role like mine, it is key to be genuine and to be able to harbour trust. This is what I have learnt from my parents.

Dream job

Flying around the world being a pilot.

Side hustle

I have found a new passion for cooking since I moved to Dubai. It has become my outlet to let loose my creativity and imagination and put together a delicious meal. I find it very therapeutic and enjoy every bit of the process, from chopping to baking.


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