Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Muhammad Omer, Business intelligence manager, Publicis Media MENA

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Muhammad Omer, Business intelligence manager, Publicis Media MENA

Age: 28

Pia Riachi, Publicis Media MENA: Ever since he joined Publicis Media, Muhammad Omer has relentlessly been a driving force for innovation and consistently delivers on some of the most complex data engineering and business intelligence solutions. His seemingly innate curiosity to better understand the media ecosystem combined with his eagerness to grow as a true data scientist has led him to bring about impactful change in the organisation. More recently, Omer has been applying his machine learning skills in order to craft solutions that helped extrapolate significant value out of clients’ data. Muhammad Omer is ready to make some noise in the data science space. Remember the name.

Career highights

Eight years’ experience specialised in Data Science, Business Intelligence and programming. Currently working as Platform Manager in Data Sciences department in Publicis Media Dubai. Developed impressive BI and web development projects for the company and clients. Worked on successful projects for clients like Mars, Nadec, Huawei, McDonald’s, Farah Experience and Dubai Tourism. Certified in Data Science, Alteryx, Power BI, Google Display/Search Ads and ISO:9001 Quality Management.

Guiding principles

Be organized: I learned it from my wife.

Be dedicated: Khaled Abou Nader.

Be appreciative: Khaled Abou Nader, Pia Riachi, Abed Ismail and Pankaj Pagarani.

Dream job

My dream job will be working in a way that I can contribute to the betterment of humanity and our world. My first target, for now, is to become one of the best data scientists.

Side hustle

I am working on side projects to master artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve my capabilities. I’ve introduced a reviews analysis product. I am working to enhance the way we do social listening by using AI/ML and I am working to discover new data sources for the data sciences department.


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