Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Mariam Hassanien, Senior social executive, OMD Egypt

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Mariam Hassanien, Senior social executive, OMD Egypt

Age: 26

Tarek Jaffar, general manager, OMD Egypt: Mariam is one of our agency’s unsung heroes. She’s is always about the work, work, work but she does this in a composed and calm manner. Mariam is loved by any client she has handled simply because she does not treat them as a client; she is always the concerned consultant looking at how she can always make things better for them in the social space. Her work on McDonalds Egypt in the past year is a true testament to how she has grown and why she is one to watch out for in the future when it comes to social.

Career highlights

I joined OMD in 2017 as Junior Social Media Executive. My first business unit provided me with great exposure in various fields such, detergents and dairy. 2018 was one of my most challenging years as I had to deal with internal transitions leading me handle one of the biggest smart phone accounts. This transition was a learning experience on its own offering me the chance to create the launch party’s tagline. Currently, I am handling McDonald’s. It has been providing me with various learnings almost daily, leading me to always hunt for innovative content and communication to meet the client’s expectations.

Guiding principles

We tend to add several layers to our daily tasks without looking for creative solutions/ gaps needing to be improved. So, I have developed a drive to always follow my intuition while working and always be solution oriented. I consider myself lucky working with Hassan Hassan, who has challenged me to always create, not to copy.

Dream job

My interests, hobbies and passion have always been in the cultural and historical fields. From walking into random old buildings, to collecting old coins to acquiring abandoned antiques, I have in my personal life been constantly practising what I hope to eventually commit to in my professional life by working one day as a museum curator.

Side hustle

Helping with clients’ communication at my grandpa’s exporting and importing company. During my spare time I like to focus on collecting minor affordable antique items.


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