Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Elio Khoury, Regional sales manager, Gamned

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Elio Khoury, Regional sales manager, Gamned

Age: 26

Yves-Michel Gabay, regional MD, Gamned: Elio joined Gamned MEA on July 2019 as sales manager. He has been instrumental in improving the sales department of this young subsidiary of our international group. He brought his experience of the Dubai and Middle East market and has been able to generate a good flow of new business during the past nine months. (20 per cent increase in a decreasing market). Coming from the traditional media supplier industry, Elio has been able to enhance his knowledge to embrace programmatic digital advertising and to pass on his learnings and convince advertisers to adopt this new way of delivering their messages to their target audience. To reach this point, Elio demonstrated excellent learning skills and a high capacity for explaining the benefits in elaborating high-performing digital plans. Thanks to Elio we have been able to expand the visibility of Gamned in Dubai’s competitive digital advertising market.

Career highlights

I started my career in media four years ago when I joined Choueiri Group’s AMS. As a sales executive, I was handling MBC’s digital accounts and social partnerships. Throughout my journey, I was exposed to the programmatic advertising world. Luckily enough, I was given the chance to join the pioneering experts across Europe, Gamned. I graduated from Gamned’s Programmatic Academy discovering the fundamentals of programmatic and the impact it could make on any advertiser’s business, and more importantly I got to explore the most popular DSPs, AI-based algorithms and ad-tech solutions that Gamned offers to its advertisers and partners.

Guiding principles

Knowledge seeking/sharing and perseverance are two guiding principles that I learned from my mentor, Julien Anaty.

Dream job

Driven by the thought of a truly prosperous, independent and sovereign state free of corruption, I always envisioned myself getting involved in politics.

Side hustle

I came across a few opportunities to volunteer in fundraising events for a well-known drug rehab centre in Lebanon that my uncle established. I participate to help young men and women overcome their addictions, allowing them to have a fresh start and be accepted back into society.


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