Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Elie Chammas, Digital executive, Fusion5

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Elie Chammas, Digital executive, Fusion5

Age: 22

Fusion5 management: Elie has been a great addition to the digital team, with key characteristics that define him, such as his dedication to work, campaign ownership, and his multitasking skills in a demanding industry. Even though he joined the media industry right after his graduation, he was able within a short period to manage biddable media campaigns for key clients within his portfolio and support proposals and pitches. Elie’s commitment to offer clients the best media solutions led him to obtain multiple Google certifications within his first month.

Career highlights

In 2019 I graduated with a BA in marketing from Lebanon. Soon after that, I was lucky enough to come to Dubai right after graduating and experience the multinational culture and knowledge the country and industry have to offer. The thing that drove me to the UAE was the job offer I got at Fusion5 post an intensive evaluation of my skills and it was my first work experience in marketing and advertising as a digital executive role working on regional and international clients alongside my talented colleagues who are providing 24/7 knowledge and support to help me progress in my career and support our clients’ requirements further.

Guiding principles

As a Digital Executive at Fusion5 Advertising one of our main key skills is to be competitive in order to be successful. There are two principles I try to follow at work, and I would pass on to someone coming into the industry, which are:

  • Maintaining industry relevancy by identifying and analysing the latest digital trends and tech developments in advertising so that we can be relied on to be unique in the field.
  • The day to day process by optimising the campaigns and tracking important metrics that affect our performance.

Special thanks to Elie Haber and Johnny Khazzoum, our co-founders, Natale Panela our Head of Digital and Pascal Khazzoum our Social Media Manager for offering me this great opportunity, for their trust and for believing in me.

Side hustle

I have passion for automotive, and for that reason I decided couple of months back to start working on a unique automotive website solution, which is a combination of car reviews and also letting users showcase their cars and also reviewing them on the website. This offers new car buyers the opportunity to read genuine feedback from car owners and to initiate a direct communication for more queries and clarifications.


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