Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Dalia Baddar, Account manager, Gambit Communications

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Dalia Baddar, Account manager, Gambit Communications

Age: 27

Jamal Al Mawed, founder & managing director, Gambit Communications: Dalia has a quality I like to call ‘visual creativity’, which means she knows how to create attractive visuals whether that’s through design, photography, artwork or animation. That makes her a huge asset in digital because social media is first and foremost a visual medium. She always goes over and above and has explored everything from wadis, mountains and deserts to warehouses and graffiti parking lots to find original backdrops for social media shoots. She even proactively took on the initiative of designing the layout and decoration of our new office, the Gambit HQ, and for some curious reason she’s a talented embroiderer.

Career highlights

I studied Advertising and Marketing Communications in Canada and then spent four years at multinational digital agencies working on clients including Samsung, Pinar, DEWA, DIFC and Dubizzle. I was part of the launch team for Gambit Communications and handle the digital/social and influencer engagement for brands including Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and The Ritz-Carlton. My proudest moment of the past year was leading on The Ritz-Carlton’s Grand Tour activation with Maserati, where we took a group of Key Opinion Leaders on a luxurious journey through the UAE and Oman and organically generated almost one thousand Instagram Stories, reaching an audience of millions.

Guiding principles

“When in panic, take one step back, and three steps forward.” I learned this from my dad, a lifelong marketer who constantly motivates me to work hard, work smart and never be afraid to show off my creativity.

Dream job

Sustainable Fashion Designer with a hand-made touch.

Side hustle

My Instagram page @Storyofastitch is where I promote my passion for embroidery, a classic craft which is getting lost in the modern day. I customise people’s valuable possessions from shoes and baseball caps to jackets and berets with bespoke stitching. My motto is: If I can Sketch it, I can Stitch it!


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