Nominated by Tricia Jimenea, engagement director, Katch International
“Since joining the company, Haroon has been an integral part of client retention, managing high-demand and high-pressure key accounts such as WASLA under Live Nation, BASE Dubai, Najahi Events’ Tony Robbins show, Rove Hotels, Suitsupply, Barbary, Azure, and Ammos. Simultaneously creative and strategic, Haroon has demonstrated that he’s capable of managing clients independently and is willing to step up and contribute fresh, innovative, outside-the-box ideas to improve PR campaigns. A charismatic individual, he always finds ways to strengthen relationships and build new ones to support his team, the company and his clients.”

Career path
“After graduating with an honours degree in Economics & Communications from AUD, I became a graduate trainee at YouGov, where I was immersed in the world of marketing, communications and brand building. Following my promotion to research executive, I worked with the likes of PepsiCo, GEMS and Nivea.”
“My passion for writing, communications and client servicing led me to a career in PR at Katch International, where I’ve been able to significantly develop my skill-set.”
“My experience as a content creator with more than 25,000 social media followers has equipped me to successfully execute campaigns and manage influencer partnerships.”

Guiding principles
I endeavor to follow three Cs:
Consistency – Stay consistent in your learning. Start by applying consistency to the small details, even tasks that seem minor. They’re good habits that will guide you as you take on bigger responsibilities.
Creativity – Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It’s better to overwhelm your clients with your ideas than to underwhelm them with a lack of creativity.
Care – Genuinely caring about your client’s business cannot be underestimated. Work like it’s your own money on the line and you’ll service your clients better. This builds trust with your clients.