Nominated by Imad Lahad, senior director and head of AI Comms Lab, Apco Worldwide
“Bedoor has been leading Digital communications for top government projects in the UAE since 2014, with results such as: launching organic trending campaigns and hashtags across the UAE for both B2B and B2C clients; developing a campaign slogan that was used by more than 100 local entities; reaching international audiences organically online by creating partnership opportunities and media outreach plans.”
“She has led the communication team (traditional and digital media) of a first-of-its-kind training programme for Emirati fresh graduates in the private media sector, and served as a mentor for all candidates.”
“In 2018, she got sponsored by Apco Worldwide to become a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Strategy and Planning. After being the first employee to pass the diploma, she was selected to become a mentor for current employees undertaking the certificate. She is a key person in the digital team who leads online strategies and operations of large-scale events in the UAE, with a regional and international mandate.”

Career path
Bedoor started her career in 2012 at Sky News Arabia, where she was the youngest employee on the social media team, responsible for establishing the online presence of the channel, and managed to launch online community competitions based on the concept of citizen journalism, that trended organically. In 2014, Bedoor moved to Apco Worldwide and grew from a senior account executive to an associate account director within five years, and serviced more than 30 clients in the government and corporate space. In 2016, Bedoor was a finalist at MEPRA’s Young Communicator Award.

Guiding principles
Embracing new challenges: Bedoor believes that success starts outside your comfort zone, and in order to grow one must always seek new opportunities. She learnt this value from her late grandmother, a master’s graduate who broke all gender stereotypes and showcased what working mothers can do.
Empowering others: Bedoor believes that empowering colleagues is core to building a healthy environment where everyone is willing to help, and this is where success begins. Bedoor mentored six interns at APCO, who have all become full time employees. She learnt this from her manager at APCO who built a team of more than employees over five years.