Nominated by Peter Ganney, communications director, Performance Communications
“From his earliest days at the agency, we recognised Aymen’s innate creativity as well as the immense value he offered in terms of giving us greater insight to the changing landscape in Saudi Arabia. Equipped with impeccable media-relations skills, Aymen has ensured the smooth running of multiple complex client events including Bentley’s recent ‘Peak of Luxury’. He has been responsible for developing and creating ideas pitched to clients that have helped them achieve their goals including Cadillac’s award-winning activation of its ‘Letter’s to Andy Warhol’ exhibition.”

Career path
“I am a Saudi national with a passion for PR and communications. In 2016, I obtained my BA in strategic communications from West Virginia University and was determined to pursue my passion in Dubai – the regional hub for media – where I could put my unique cultural insights to best use. Since joining Performance Communications in December 2016, I have risen through the ranks from an entry-level account executive to my current position as account manager, working with the top automotive brands across the region. In the last two years, the accounts I’ve worked on have secured awards at MEPRA for Cadillac, the first-ever regional award for MG Motor, and three MECOTY 2019 awards for Bentley.”

Guiding principles
‘Keep it simple, stupid’ is a key principle I stick to – in communications, complexity is often the enemy of effective messaging. This way of thinking has largely been inspired by one of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein about his three rules of work: “Out of clutter find simplicity; from disorder find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”