Nominated by Anit Kurian, director, technology practice, Golin MENA
“Audrey brings a refreshing structure to her workplace and can be relied on to keep focus on results, deliverables, and reporting, even during chaotically busy periods. During the past year, her focus and determination have led to client delivery results exceeding targets by double-digit percentages. Apart from being open to learning and experimenting with areas she is not fully at-home with, she is also unhesitant about mentoring her team members. Her media experience has positively affected her approach to content writing. Uniformly, her clients appreciate her meticulousness, her advanced content and her dedication to getting the job done.”

Career path
“I have been a part of the communications industry for more than seven years, both in public relations and media. I started my career as a journalist with a news daily in India, later switching to content writing as a staff editor. On moving to Dubai, I pursued journalism, working as a sub-editor for Apps Middle East, before making my big career move to PR. Alongside my role as an associate manager in the technology practice at Golin MENA, I am also part of the agency’s internal editorial board, and was shortlisted for the PRCA MENA Regional Awards 2018.”

Guiding principles
“In PR, you have the opportunity to learn something new every day. It is, however, not possible to excel at everything, and so I focus on what I’m good at and what I would clearly like to develop. I do realise that it is important to develop first-hand exposure in a wide range of tasks and activities, since this will only help in the long run. This is something I have learnt from my mentors, and an attitude I would want my juniors and newcomers to imbibe.”