Nominated by Farhad Miah, group media director
“In the time Steve has been working with his key client, he has managed to transform its media planning approach with a unique combination of efficiency and innovation in mind. Steve approaches his work with a tunnel-vision approach to his client’s business objectives. Receiving numerous accolades from many client contacts across all levels of their organisation all the way up to the country manager, Steve serves as a right hand for his client, a true client partner who adopts a consultative approach each and every time.”

Career path
“I have worked my way from serving as a very junior supporting resource to now being part of the region’s largest media agency, being trusted with the leadership of the day-to-day operations of the account I am responsible for – a huge privilege for me. Working alongside my very many talented colleagues, I am proud of having achieved many career milestones – from recognition from clients and senior colleagues to internal record-breaking client results. I believe that with challenging economic times comes unprecedented opportunity to innovate.”

Guiding principles
I try my best to be disciplined in the rules I follow in work and in life. Below are three core rules in work:
Never think that you know everything; always learn and jump into things that you don’t know, to keep learning.
Invest in yourself – keep enhancing or developing your hard and soft skills, as you are the most important asset you own.
Always try to do your best when submitting reports, PowerPoints, Excel sheets, etc. There is always room to innovate and improve work; never stick with outdated templates or procedures.
I have been lucky enough to learn from many different mentors in the short span of my career, from my very first manager to my current subordinate. I believe you can learn something from everyone.