Nominated by Paul Seif, GM Levant
“Sarah represents the working millennial of our times. She marries creativity and analytical skills, and fuses business and brand understanding, creating campaigns that deliver on both experience and results. She walked into Publicis Media – Spark Foundry in 2015 with first-class honours degrees in marketing and advertising. She immediately positioned herself as the go-to talent for digital, resulting in getting herself a fast-tracked promotion to media manager. Sarah’s contributions resulted in inning two awards for Mondelez at the Smarties. At present, she manages the planning portfolio in a hybrid manner and already got selected as a Media Face to watch in 2018.”

Career path
“I started off my career as a community manager four years ago in Beirut, handling Mondelez’s portfolio in the Levant. Three months later, I became a digital media planner in mid-2015, assisting the team in planning and reporting. In 2016, my portfolio expanded to include Najjar, with an opportunity to expand my strategic skills. In 2018, I developed my offline planning skills, actively crafting full-year strategies with a 360-degree view. Currently a media manager, with Diageo Group and Mercedes-Benz added to the above brands, I am also assisting in some of the active pitches.”

Guiding principles
Think bigger than you are: If you look at successful people’s mindsets, it’s all about thinking bigger than they once were. It’s about having no limits and understanding that anything in this world is possible if you put your mind to it. By thinking bigger, the only limit is what is possible.
Focus on growth: Obstacles and challenges will always be in your way during your journey. It is about figuring out how to jump over them and continuing. And always keep up-to-date; self-education is key.