Nominated by Lea Koyess, media director, UM
“Romy is very passionate and always eager to learn. Since she joined our team at UM, she has taken full ownership of the account she handled and proved to be a great team player. She has been the key driver behind one of our client’s key projects, where she was able to lead and manage by putting a clear workflow n place, which immediately translated into improved results. Through her positivity and dedication, she managed to build a solid relationship with a client who entrusted her with all responsibilities since day one.”

Career path
“In my six years of experience working in the media industry, I took it upon myself to always make the people around me happy, so joining the ‘People Happiness’ committee came naturally to me.”
“My passion for media started way before I entered the work force. When starting university, I always knew I wanted to work in the media field. Graduating with BA in communication arts, my first job in social media was a perfect fit.”
“One year later was my first introduction to digital media across several different accounts ranging across FMCG, luxury, automotive and more. Today at UM, working on L’Oréal has challenged and pushed my limits to places I never thought possible. In only nine months as a media supervisor, I can say I grew faster than I ever anticipated.”

Guiding principles
1. Communication, communication, communication. I cannot stress enough how important communication is in life, and more specifically at work. We are individuals within a larger group of individuals who need each other to succeed. Know when to communicate and know when to listen. This balance will help us reach for the stars.
2. Celebrating success is something I highly admire. It isn’t just for boosting self-confidence, but it helps motivate other team members to push their limits. One can only succeed by having cheerleaders cheering for one. We are all awesome rock stars who need a reminder every now and then.