Nominated by Lara Arbid, deputy GM
“Magna’s attitude revolves around the power of young people who develop expertise blended with lots of energy, passion and dedication, and if we were to sum it up in a person, that person would be Nuha. Over the past two years, Nuha has affected all the clients we have in one way or another, whether through her passion to create ideas and bring the team together to brainstorm for a new brief, or to jump in and cover the absence of a colleague and ensure the smooth running of the business, or the role she takes on during pitches and high-demand periods. She is always passionately ready to jump on any situation and always goes out of her way.”

Career path
“My career in media began as a career in PR. As a fresh graduate I interned at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, before moving to an in-house PR role in Estee Lauder for MAC Cosmetics. From there I moved into media planning, finding my passion at Magna Global. Currently a senior media executive at Magna, I have worked across a number of sectors, including FMCG, hospitality, automotive and airlines.”

Guiding principles
Confidence. Commitment. Collaboration. The three Cs I strive to live by. I would advise anyone coming into the industry to approach each day as if it was your first, with excitement and a thirst to learn. Every day is a learning experience, and something that my managers imparted on me is that no matter your seniority or position on the career ladder, there is always room for growth.