Nominated by Amal Al-Homosany, GM, Initiative Egypt
“Mostafa has been a consistent contributor to the agency’s growth. Over the past five years he has led his team to win many digital businesses and retain existing clients. Mostafa’s high ambition, excellent communication skills and dedication allowed him to win the trust of his clients, managers and team members. He has always been an overperformer and a rising star in MCN Egypt.”

Career path
“I started my journey with MCN five years ago on the advertising side of the business at FP7 before exploring an interest in the media side of the industry. I moved to Magna and finally settled down at Initiative where I discovered my passion for digital before taking a dual role on both Initiative’s and Magna’s digital teams. Throughout my career, I have constantly supported my teams to excel on diverse categories from telecommunication to FMCGs and many others like charity, mobiles, automotive and banking clients.”

Guiding principles
Dedication for me is a key factor in the success of any career; focusing on the job will put you on the fast track of progression. With media being so dynamic and fast-paced, dedication and a commitment to learn will ensure you’re always valued by management.
Speaking of management, having a supportive manager who values your skills, recognises your ability and keeps a close eye on your progress can provide you with the crucial confidence boost that you need early on in your career and help you progress; fortunately, I had one.
For me it is a combination of dedication, commitment and of course a little bit of good fortune.