Nominated by Maya Tayara, group account director, Carat
“Denit is a hybrid planner who excels in digital across both client servicing and the intricacies of technical campaign management. In addition to his work on other clients, over the past 2 years he has built a strong relationship with Standard Chartered and led on the use of technology to bridge the gap between their online leads and offline sales. This has supercharged understanding of real-life performance of digital channels and ultimately improved the business results for our client with booked credit cards increasing by 35 per cent in November and December 2018.”

Career path
“I am a digital enthusiast who has been working media-agency-side for the past four years and previously for two and a half years at Accenture, where I worked closely with Google, supporting the top-tier agencies. Having moved to Carat Dubai in 2015, I started in ad-ops and progressed to a client-facing role as senior digital planner. In my spare time I am also part of the Dentsu Sports committee and captain of the Dentsu cricket team. I always look for opportunities to learn, be it from my seniors or peers. A lot of time when you are a specialist in a particular field – digital in my case – you can disvalue other media touchpoints. However, something that I’ve learnt from my experience is that when you’re speaking to a client you’re not talking to them as a digital representative, but as a media consultant, so it’s vital to understand how the entire media ecosystem connects and complements its parts.”

Guiding principles
A simple piece of advice that I would pass on is: The day you stop learning is they day you stop growing. I was fortunate enough to realise this at a very early stage in my career and this has helped me to stay focused and dedicated to learning.