Campaign ME will host an Online Briefing on Video 2021: Future Trends and Effectiveness

By Sofia Serrano

With the Arab world rapidly growing as a digital-first region with an expanding internet and social media usage, this trend has also seen the growth of video platforms and video advertising. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation and more people are connecting online for video content. According to the Asda’a BCW’s Arab Youth Survey, during the Covid 19 outbreak, the Arab youth watch 67 per cent more streaming video.

While traditional TV is far from dead, advertisers and planners are now thinking along the lines of converged video advertising. Whether on television or digital, video is the ideal format to build a brand, raise awareness and educate viewers.

In Campaign’s next Online Briefing the discussion will revolve around the future trends that will affect video and how to use them to talk to customers. With the region leading the way for video content creation,  see what our panels have to say about all that videos can offer to connect effectively with audiences.

Panel 1: Content and context
This panel looks at where, what and when brands deliver video to consumers. It looks at the differences between a video spot on traditional TV, ad-supported streaming platforms, social platforms, publisher channels, in-game advertising and the many other places video can be seen. What nuances do advertisers need to consider when planning content, tone, duration and more. And with viewers on different platforms being in different states of mind and concentration, how can advertisers leverage audience insights to ensure better returns on their video strategies?

Panel 2: Measurement and effectiveness
How can advertisers know who is watching their videos, and how can they use that knowledge to their advantage? Our panel of experts looks at what advertisers can and can’t measure. It asks what the industry should be measuring (are completed views the right metric, for example?) and tackles the thorny issues of brand safety, invalid traffic and ad fraud.

Campaign Online Briefing – Video 2021: Future trends and effectiveness will be an online event on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Save the date!

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