Nominated by Nicolas Geahchan, CEO, communications & content, Mirum MEA
“Youssef is a talented art director who was courageous enough to get out of his comfort zone and move from a big, well-established agency to a newly established digital agency. Since then he has managed to adapt and excel within the digital ecosystem. He won the Young Lions national competition in 2018 for Lebanon, and was invited to Cannes Lions to participate in the global Young Lions competition. He was also selected in 2019 and invited to Paris to participate in a competition to build awareness of fake news, organised by the Union Francophone and the French Ministry of Culture.
“Youssef is a valuable asset to Mirum and its clients. He’s driven by excellence and is constantly trying to up his game by trying to learn new things and improve his creative capabilities. He’s an out-of-the-box creative, courageous enough to constantly challenge what he knows and a very pleasant colleague to work with.”

Career path
“I started my career with an internship at Grey after my graduation and then I was hired as a graphic designer. Currently, I am an art director at Mirum MEA. During my professional experience, I have created communication campaigns for products and services in numerous business sectors: telecommunication, automotive, banking, education, fashion, healthcare and F&B across markets in the region – Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and KSA. I am a proud winner of the Cannes Young Lions 2018 competition, Lebanon. Recently I have been selected to represent Lebanon in a competition organised by the French Ministry of Culture in Paris.”

Guiding principles
Working in the advertising industry as part of the creative department, I learned that it is very important to give every piece of content I work on my all, no matter how big or small. If my attitude is positive and I am comfortable in my work environment, it will reflect on my work and encourage me to execute with passion and dedication. Using these obstacles as challenges, I disregard my personal ideas, and follow design guidelines that focus on delivering the best quality of work for the client.