Nominated by Shadi Abdulhadi, founder and CEO, Boopin
“Every team needs a star who can create a balance when we are having the usual advertising busy madness. Amr has always been the anchor of the team during the difficult days, throwing ideas left, right and centre, adding a great value to every single mission he leads. As an agency, we thrive hiring talents like Amr, with a bright mind, wise decisions and fast responses.”

Career path
“I started my career as a market research specialist, working with data visualisers to deliver world-class services. I worked on sales-oriented research to sell our products on B2B e-commerce platforms in 20 countries.
“Then I moved to a position where I managed and modified the digital pitches brilliantly. This was the essential factor to win important contracts. I worked on strategic content plans with clients like the Business Registration and Licensing sector at Dubai Economy to grow their brand awareness and achieved 700 per cent growth in the online community. Then I moved to Union National Bank where I was a corporate communications specialist. I wrote UNB group CEO speeches, and prepared and gave recommendations on UNB huge budget spending. I joined the Boopin team recently as a social media executive and I want to say that with the superheroes team we have, I’m sure that this will be the most successful journey for me.”

Guiding principles
I believe that everything is designed, but few things are designed well. It takes effort to make anything. It takes more effort to make it functional and even more to make it useful.