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Burger King forgoes special effects for authenticity

Burger King’s new campaign tackled one problem that consumers see in the food industry all the time – highly edited food images.

Most consumers experience disappointment when they buy food and it comes out looking quite different from the pictures of its advertisements.

Most of these food images are highly edited and styled to look more appealing on the advertisements.

Burger King in Turkey looked into this and to avoid this disappointment with its customers, launched a new campaign called “Eat What You See”.

The franchise owner of the outlet in Turkey, aimed to show how its products are identical in advertising campaigns and in real life.

The campaign was put together by the VML team, a collaboration between the agency’s Turkey and Dubai team members.

The campaign saw several whoppers straight from a normal Burger King kitchen, prepared as usual without any special measures, being photographed using a polaroid camera.

They handed these pictures to a courier, who then set out to paste these polaroid pictures, which cannot be retouched or edited, onto pre-prepared billboards that were only missing the photos.

Arriving at the designated billboard, the courier fixed the photo to the marked area, completing the billboard.


Agency: VML Turkey
Global CCO Innovation & Emea CCO: Bas Korsten
Executive Creative Director: Ümit Taşli, Pablo Dachefsky
Creative Director: Onur Kutluer, Thiago Bastos
Associate Creative Director: Marcelo Zylberberg
Head Of Art: Deniz Şencan
Creative Group Head: Semih Türkmen
Copywriter: Mehmet Özkan
Art Director: Özer Doğa Er
Creative Motion Designer: Burak Karaoğlu