Nominated by Seyoan Vela, ECD, Livingroom
“Arine is just your typical skateboarding, table football playing, kite-surfing art director who happens to have first-hand experience of the social media landscape due to being a Vans-sponsored influencer. On top of that she is a very hard-working and passionate craftswoman responsible in the last year for some major campaigns including the Honda HR-V launch and the new DIFC campaign.”

Career path
“Advertising is one beautiful mess. Each day of your career is unique. If you like having a set routine then advertising is not for you. From a giant multi-national (Saatchi & Saatchi) to independent agencies (Interesting Times and now Livingroom), I’ve experienced different work cultures, juggled from emotional P&G brands to bold ones such as Red Bull, Cadillac and Honda, as well as some really fun ones like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Motiongate Dubai and Ski Dubai. But my career isn’t only defined by my agency work. During my free time, I’m working on a personal project that will launch soon.”

Guiding principles
Do it for yourself as well as the agency. Don’t treat work as just a job; challenge yourself, try new stuff, craft your work because at the end of the day, it’s also for your portfolio.
Take each project as a new adventure. Like all life’s adventures, you will have obstacles, the journey will get bumpy sometimes. Fight for what you think is right, be stubborn with your beliefs, question whenever it doesn’t make sense. Create your way through and move on to the next adventure. Stay curious.
Keep up with the trends and always keep learning.