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Top 10 Integrated Campaigns 2016

1 Bou Khalil: The good note
Supermarket chain Bou Khalil noticed Lebanese were no longer giving to beggars; they didn’t believe their money was being spent well. So the chain tasked J. Walter Thompson Beirut with creating The Good Note, a voucher worth LBP1,000 that could be handed to beggars instead of money, and spent on essentials.
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Beirut
Creatives: Sally Alzaza, Maya Khourchid, Carla Aouad

2 Nestle: Tummyfish
A storybook produced by Campaign publisher Motivate and an app by MediaMonks that allows children to see inside their stomachs to where Tummyfish lives were the main components of this campaign to persuade kids to drink more water.
Agency: OgilvyOne

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