Oath brings RYOT Studio to MENA through its partnership with Connect Ads

Oath’s global creative studio will bring new digital and video creative and delivery expertise for brands and agencies across the region

Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon, announced today that, through its strategic partnership with ConnectAds, it has expanded its global creative studio to the MENA market. With a presence (through a local affiliate or partner) in 14 countries across five continents, RYOT Studio is a next-generation creative studio offering a premium end-to-end content marketing solution that brings brands’ stories to life.

Having successfully launched in other markets, RYOT Studio, working with its local partner Connect Ads, is excited to expand its remit to the MENA market. Bringing its expertise in creative digital campaigns to the MENA region will allow brand and agency content to work harder across Oath’s platforms and properties. Clients of Connect Ads will be able to draw on this global resource and maximise ROI from the creative, targeting and delivery of culturally relevant content.

Fueled by next generation technology, rich customer data, scaled distribution, premium publishing and award-winning creative expertise, through the Connect Ads partnership, RYOT Studio will work with MENA brands and their agency partners to match them with relevant publisher voices and audiences. RYOT Studio is committed to crafting custom content that has a fresh perspective on the human experience, using the newest and most groundbreaking technologies to distribute content across diverse mediums and platforms.

To celebrate the launch in the MENA region, RYOT Studio, through its local partner Connect Ads, hosted a launch event in Dubai on 17 October. Clients were invited to experience what the studio has to offer by participating in an escape-room format adventure, designed with the four pillars of RYOT Studio in mind; Insight, Creativity, Innovation and Distribution. Clients then engaged in a multi-sensory dining experience, using virtual reality, projection mapping, digital sensors and sound to further the studio’s narrative. An event of this kind allowed for guests to be fully immersed in the creative process and gain a clearer understanding of how the business works and what it can offer to clients in terms of original and creative content.

Mark Melling, Head of RYOT Studio, EMEA said: “We’re excited to bring our wealth of digital expertise to the market through our partnership with Connect Ads and work with some of MENA’s most forward-thinking brands on exciting and disruptive campaigns. With global reach of over 1 billion users, we can reach 39 million adults in the digital population across the region. By understanding communications challenges, RYOT Studio can use our extensive data to understand MENA’s audiences and create compelling campaigns that will challenge the status quo and turn heads.”

Mohamed Megahed, Commercial VP at Connect Ads said: “Oath’s offering has been growing and developing exponentially in the past few years. We are very pleased with our continued partnership and excited about the new branding and the launch of Oath Ad Platforms and RYOT Studio with their state-of-the-art unified technology, ingenuity and creative richness. We see this as a sign that Oath will continue to grow and expand its offering even further in the years to come which means a diverse range of advertising solutions, rich creatives, multiple and diverse distribution channels, seamless tracking and reporting as well as quality data.”